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Operation Promotion

How to plan for a Promotion you deserve?

  • Ask if you can take any project off your boss' hands.

  • Offer to write that memo for her/him.
    Keep your upbeat demeanor and she/he will keep her/his confidence in you.

  • Remember, while you are busy pondering over what your boss thinks of you, she/he is trying to get into the good books of their superiors.

  • Keep the big picture in mind; learn how your work fits into the overall effort of your department. Remember, being a "team player" is more than an expression. By working as a part of the big picture you will not only learn a lot, but you will develop great colleagues and friends.

  • Anticipate upcoming work and complete routine tasks on your own initiative-- but clear with your boss before proceeding. If you have an idea don’t hesitate to voice in your views. It's never wrong and only shows interest.

  • When your boss feels confident in you, talk to her/him about what's next in store. Ask what skills you need to be considered for a step up, and get her/him to agree on a timetable for your acquiring them. It will be up to you to stick to it.

  • Know when a position opens in your department and ask your boss for her/his support in going for it. Remind her/him of your earlier discussion and state clearly how you've advanced on schedule. If you're really ready to move up, a good manager will prefer to see you promoted than lose you to another company.

  • Don’t hang back out of false modesty; you've got to be in it to win it